Dear Jaycee,

Greetings from JCI India Zone XXII. The Chairman and members of the organizing committee cordially invite you with family to the Zone Conference of Zone XXII ‘Vismayam 2013’ on 25th, 26th and 27th of October 2013 at Quilon Beach Hotel, Kollam.
With warm regards,
JFM. Rajanikanth C.K.
Zone President
94470 06799
Jc. Lee Sharon
Chapter President
98094 19740
Jc. HGF Hareesh Kumar. K
Conference Director
94470 75216
Zone Vice Presidents
Jc.Ciju P Cherian
Jc.Nias Salim
Jc.Mathew Alex
Jc.Girish Ramco
Jc.Dennis Devasia
Jc. Aneesh Scaria
Jc.Sabu Vallayil
Become a Co-Host - Benefits :

a. In the Souvenir there will be Strip (Chapter name/
    Presidents Photo ) of the Co- Hosts.
b. Free Registration for 25 Jaycee members.
Registration :
JAYCEE : 700/-   JAYCERETTE : 500/-
JJ : 250/-   FAMILY REGISTRATION : 1500/-